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Vortrag für Software-Architekten im Rahmen des globalen Ausbildungsprogramms „Enterprise Architecture STAR“ von Tata Consultancy Services (Nov. 2009)

Web technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. During that period, architectural patterns for building web solutions have evolved and matured. MVC, AJAX, RIA, and full-stack frameworks are just some keywords here. This lectures provides a comprehensive overview on these technologies, and identifies some common denominators amongst them.

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Bente, S., Karla, J. (2009): Enterprise Social Network Platforms as a Management Tool in Complex Technical Systems. In: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Americas Conference on Information Systems, S. 1-11. San Francisco: AIS Electronic Library.

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Technical systems like communication networks or IT systems tend to grow more and more large and complex. Their management is handled by a workforce divided into different locations and responsibility areas. This adds to the system vulnerability by misconfiguration and hidden side effects of administrative actions. Web 2.0 social network platforms, on the other hand, are a canonical tool to increase information flow and transparency. This paper proposes a custom-tailored social network platform to be used as a tool in managing such systems. A prototype for such a platform has been implemented and, as a thought experiment, applied to the operation support system of a mobile communication network. This experiment shows the strengths of this idea, together with a number of caveats of which one should be aware.

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Gastvorlesung im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „Mobile Business“ von Priv.-Doz.Dr. J. Karla, RWTH Aachen, Juli 2009.

Unternehmen der Telekommunikationsbranche stehen vor einer massiven Transformation des „Mobile Business“: Geräte- und Service-Konvergenz, Übergang von Triple nach Quad Play und die Evolution der mobilen Kommunikationstandards sind nur einige Stichworte. Hier bieten die Rahmenwerke des Telemanagement Forums eine Möglichkeit zur Standardisierung von Technologie und Prozessen.

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Vortrag auf der Telemanagement World Americas, Orlando / Florida, Okt. 2008  (mit G. Hegle, NetCom, Norwegen).

Web 2.0 standards like Google OpenSocial API allow building light-weight social network applications. A case study uses these techniques in an OSS context. The network management personnel can build work-oriented communities by sharing, connecting, and visualizing information. This increases efficiency and reduces network management costs in todays heterogenous, multi-country, multi-region service provider organizations. The gadgets of the web 2.0 mashup connect to NGOSS FCAPS interfaces, providing a dynamic and highly customizable OSS portal.

The lecture demonstrates a viable example of how to use Web 2.0 techniques in a telecom enterprise environment.