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Regys Mene, Hartmut Westenberger and Hrvoje Husic analyze in their publication „Reference Models for the Standardization and Automation of Data Warehouse Architecture including SAP Solutions“ the relation between SAP’s Layer Scalable Architecture (LSA) and the Data Warehouse Architectural Reference Model (DWARM).
While LSA was primarily designed to standardize and automate a SAP centric BI architecture, DWARM is not platform-related. Mapping LSA on DWARM supports embedding of SAP building blocks in a heterogeneous BI landscape.

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The Guided Project proposals for the Master Computer Science are out. We have selected the A projects in a public meeting with 17 participants (3 professors, 5 WMA, 9 students). Here are the proposals:

Next important milestone is the project presentation on Fr 27.07. 9:00 in room 0503 (first agenda item for the GP presentation day).

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There will be a Presentation Day for Guided Projects on Friday, 27-July 2018, 9:00 – 18:00. Everyone is welcome. Note for GP participants: you need to peer-review other lectures in order for your own project to count, so this is a good opportunity!

More details:


Am Freitag, 27.07.2017 von 9:00 bis 18:00, findet wieder ein Guided Project Presentation Day am Campus Gummersbach (Raum 0503, Ferchau-Gebäude) statt. Der Tag steht allen Interessierten innerhalb und außerhalb der Hochschule offen. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht nötig.

Hinweis für GP-Teilnehmer: Sie müssen ein Peer-Review anderer GPs durchführen, damit Ihr eigenes GP zählt. Dies ist eine gute Gelegenheit!

Mehr Details:

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The EAM Master course summer semester 2018 of  CUAS presents on 4th July 2018:

Ontology and Metamodels in Enterprise Architecting, by M. Ahsan, Z. Gougam, R. Kaiser (TH Köln)
Case Study – Enterprise Architecting for the Organisational Review of an University, by A. Gianfranco, Q. Salman, S. Yoon (TH Köln)
Pros and Cons of Enterprise Architecting, by Z. Abedin, Y. Chen, B. Stelzl (TH Köln)
Impact of Digitalization on Enterprise Architecting and IT Strategy, by Andreas Klees (IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, AXA Konzern AG)

All presentations are public and everyone with interest is welcomed.

Date: 4th July 2018, 13:00-17:00

Room: 2223

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(German version below)

The WS 17/18 Guided Projects will be presented (together with Media Informatics Master projects, and some other project presentations) on two Presentation Days in February and March:

  • Fr, 16.02.2018, Room 0503 (Ferchau Building)
  • Fr, 23.03.2018, Room 0503 (Ferchau Building)

The detailed agenda can be found here: Presentations GP WS 17-18 updated

Please note that all GP participants need to provide peer feedback to as many GPs as they attended themselves (A or B does not matter). So the presentation days will provide you with a neat opportunity to give that feedback. At the same time, the Presentation Days may be a good opportunity to learn about the research topics of our professors – might be useful if you are looking for a master thesis topic.

The coming Guided Project topics for SS18 will be presented in the first timeslot of day 1 (i.e. 16.02. 9:00).

The Presentation Days are open events. Anyone interested is invited to join, also from outside the Master Courses, our external to TH Köln.

Deutsche Version

Die Guided Projects aus dem WS 17/18 (Master Informatik) werden an zwei Präsentationstagen (zusammen mit Projekten des Medieninformatik-Master und einigen anderen Präsentationen) im Februar und März vorgestellt:

  • Fr, 16.02.2018, Room 0503 (Ferchau Building)
  • Fr, 23.03.2018, Room 0503 (Ferchau Building)

Die detaillierte Agenda finden Sie hier: Presentations GP WS 17-18 updated

Bitte denken Sie daran, dass alle GP-Teilnehmer ein Peer-Feedback für so viele GPs abgeben müssen wie sie selbst absolviert haben (A oder B spielt keine Rolle). Die Präsentationstage sind daher eine gute Möglichkeit, dieses Feedback gesammelt zu geben. Darüber hinaus könnte es ja auch interessant sein, welche Forschungsthemen die Dozenten in ihren Projekten verfolgen – besonders wenn Sie noch nach einem Thema für Ihre Masterarbeit suchen.

Die Themen für die kommenden GPs im SS18 werden an Tag 1 (16.2.) um 9:00 präsentiert.

Die Präsentationstage sind offen für alle, auch außerhalb der Masterkurse und auch außerhalb der TH. Jede(r) Interessierte ist herzlich willkommen!




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Title: Wide Column Schema Design exemplified by Apache Cassandra

Referent: Philipp Langer (esentri)
Date: Tuesday, 30. Januar 2018, 11:00
Room: Technische Hochschule Köln, Campus Gummersbach, Raum 0405 Read more »

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As part our research, the survey „BI Strategy and Industrialization“ will be conducted in winter  2017/18. The survey addresses all stakeholders in this field, especially information consumers like managers and decision makers in companies, DWH / BI developers and consultants, as well as providers of DWH / BI solution components and of so-called standard software. The survey covers the fields

  • BI visions and BI strategies in real life
  • Organizing the internal  DWH/BI skills and architecting the BI/DWH Landscape considering opposite requirements
  • The role of industrialization for DWH/BI will be discussed in the aspects
    • Standardization and automation
    • Sourcing and staffing of DWH/BI. Adjustment of the appropriate production and operation depth in DWH/BI, usage of standard software solutions, outsourcing, BIaaS and cloud

Answering of each block is optional. Each block will take approximately 5-6 minutes to answer.

Answer will only be used in anonymous and aggregated form. That means that all data are treated confidentially in a way that no-one infer identity of a participant or a related company based on the published results.  If you are interested, the results of this study will be made available to participants free of charge.

The URL of the survey will be deployed soon.

In addition to the survey, the research team are looking for DWH/BI stakeholders interested to give a personal interview on these topics. In this case you can provide your mail address via my contact form  or via the survey.