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Guest lecture: Managed Self-Service BI – Leverage User Competency for Business Intelligence

Speaker: Timm Euler (viadee AG)

Date: Friday, January 25, 2019, 10:00

Location: Cologne Technical University, Campus Gummersbach, Room 0501 (Ferchau Building)

Presentation language: German

Abstract: Modern business intelligence architectures are currently changing in many companies in order to resolve the fundamental conflict of the both objectives time and quality: on the one hand, a data warehouse (DWH) must map current trends and should enable timely decisions – this requires fast, agile integration of new data sources. On the other hand, DWH data must be of high quality. For this, the management processes have to be developed, tested, maintained and operated delaying deployment time and increasing costs. One way to better reconcile these goals is the managed introduction of Self Service BI tools. The talk will highlight these and other recent developments in business intelligence from a practical perspective.

Perspectives for young professionals are presented. The lecture is public. Interested parties are invited.