The Master’s program “Computer Science” offers two major specializations:

Computer Science – Specialization in Information Systems

Progamme’s structure of Master Computer Science specializing in Information Systems held at CUAS (Germany)

The Master’s program “Computer Science Specialization in Information Systems” comprises two years:
– The first year consists of guided courses in information technology, problem solving methodologies and their application on business.
– The second year includes team-based work on selected case studies and the Master’s Thesis.

All mandatory classes are held in English. Elective classes are held in English or in German. However, the complete program may be studied without any German language skills. Of course, good English skills are necessary.

The Master’s program leads to a master’s degree in Computer Science (M. Sc.).
Computer Science – Specialization in Software Engineering

Struktur des Masterstudums Informatik Studienrichtung Software Engineering

Struktur des Masterstudiums Informatik Studienrichtung Software Engineering

The Master’s program “Computer Science Specialization in Software Engineering” has the same structure but mandatory courses in this Master’s programme are held in German. The elective catalogue offers courses which are held either in English or in German. There are enough courses held in German that the complete programme may be studied without English skills.  German skills are mandatory.

If english and german skills are available the catalogue of elective courses will contain more optional courses in both programmes.

More information about the modules can be found in the module handbook.
Choose there -> Studiengang: “Master: Informatik”.