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The EAM Master course summer semester 2018 of  CUAS presents on 4th July 2018:

Ontology and Metamodels in Enterprise Architecting, by M. Ahsan, Z. Gougam, R. Kaiser (TH Köln)
Case Study – Enterprise Architecting for the Organisational Review of an University, by A. Gianfranco, Q. Salman, S. Yoon (TH Köln)
Pros and Cons of Enterprise Architecting, by Z. Abedin, Y. Chen, B. Stelzl (TH Köln)
Impact of Digitalization on Enterprise Architecting and IT Strategy, by Andreas Klees (IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, AXA Konzern AG)

All presentations are public and everyone with interest is welcomed.

Date: 4th July 2018, 13:00-17:00

Room: 2223