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As you know, you need to provide peer feedback as a prerequisite to passing a Guided Project of your own. The GP Presentation Days on 7./8. Feb provide an excellent opportunity to do so.

The agenda for the Guided Project Presentation Days on 7./8.2. has been finalized now:

Please note that on Thursday, 07.02.19 the lecture will start at 9:20 (not 9:00 as stated in the agenda). Below is some additional information on streaming links:

  • 09:20 Simulation Lab of Service Hotlines
    • Supervisor: Westenberger
    • Team: Abedin Bube Chen Elaristiawan Gougam Kaiser Pape Salman Stelzl Yoon
    • WebStreaming via Adobe Connect
  • 11:15 Test Environment for the Data Vault Methodology
    •  Supervisor:Westenberger
    • Team:Ahsan Demirel Haxhija Hensel Kacoboyo Peza Rogolowski
    • WebStreaming via Adobe Connect
  • 13:30 Online marketing strategy and implementation for an international startup
    • Supervisor: Engelen
    • Team: Abedin Azam Bube Gougam Haxhija Peza Pour Saeedi Rudenko

Please note also the keynote on Fr 8.2. (in German). We were able to get a high-profile speaker – Dr. Thomas Franz, lead of the Technology Committee at Adesso AG.