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How to find an appropriate topic for a Computer Science Master thesis, especially for international students!

General speaking, the examination board of our university is responsible to determine or approve topics for a Master thesis. This means that supervising university’s professors propose topics for approval by the examination board.

Students are allowed to propose topics, too. In practice, most students apply for thesis topic at companies. If they apply successfully they will involve a supervising professor to adapt the goals of a thesis in a way that the interest of all parties are fulfilled (company, university and student).

My personal recommendation how to proceed with looking for a Computer Science Master thesis, especially for international students: Read more »

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An optional “Scientific Writing” course for the students of our graduate master programs (all Computer Science and IT related programs) is offered. The course will offer an introduction to scientific writing. The offer can be booked by first semester students as well as by students of advanced semesters. Read more »

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Prep course: “Scientific Writing in English”. This optional crash course is held in the 40th calendar week. Details will be described in a following post.

Orientation day: 6th October 2015
– Part one: All details of the upcomming semester will be explained
– Part two: Hands-on-workshop “Scientific Work”

It is recommend to combine both workshops “Scientific Writing in English” and “Scientific Work” so as to become familiar with the way of scientific work in our master program.

Classes will begin on 7th October except the optional course “Scientific Writing in English” (see above). Students will be informed about the registration procedure for the regular courses on the Orientation day.

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The Guided Projects’ presentations of 3rd semester of the master program ” Informatik / Computer Science” have been scheduled. Most of the presentations are public and everyone with interest is welcomed. Room: 2223

Fr 10. Juli 2015
GP-B7 10.30.-11.30 (engl.) Analysis and Optimization of 3D Models Generated from 3D Laser Scans (Stenzel)

Mo 13. Juli 2015
10.30-11.30 GP-A1 – (engl.) Knowledge Base for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Consulting (Westenberger)
11.30-12.30 A-Team-Reflection – (Gruttauer; presentation closed / non public)
16.00-17.00 GP-A2 – (german) Konzeption und Entwicklung sozioinformatischer Systeme / Genogramm-Software (Winter)

Fr 17. Juli 2015
10.30-12.00 GP-A9 (engl.) Web-Based Editor for Dynamically Definable EAM Metamodels (Bente)
12.00-12.30 GP-B5 – (german) Entwicklung einer Campus-Planer-App für iOS Systeme in SWIFT. (Kohls)
12.30-13.00 GP-B8 – (german) Entwicklung von 360o Multitouch-Anwendungen für große Table Tops (Kohls)

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For our international master students, we are currently looking for internship opportunities in the field of “(Business) Information Systems”, which are suitable despite their limited knowledge of German.
The fields of ERP, DB or DWH / BI applications would perfectly match when German language skills of B1 / B2 level are sufficient. That means, the knowledge of German is suitable for everyday use, but probably not sufficient to perform a complex requirements analysis.
We are looking for internships varying in length from a few weeks to a semester. If interested, please contact us.

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In the second week of 2015 an ERP Crash Course MS Dynamcis NAV 2013 is held. Although designed for students of the master programme Automation&IT with an engineering background, students of the Master program “Computer Science / Information Systems” may join who have little experience with ERP systems.
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