The lab

The lab encompasses technical components for teaching and research in the area of communication technology networks and IT security. Our equipment gets frequently updated to fit the needs of modern projects.

The lab provides 15 workspaces for teaching and research tasks, as well as additional workspaces to work on projects and theses. The infrastructure may only be used in compliance with the laboratory regulations (only available in German).

  • The laboratory workspaces run OpenSUSE Linux with KDE interface. Each of them
  • have an virtualisation software installed.
  • The additional workstations provide Windows or Linux as required, partly also with virtualisation software.

Our lab facilitates a dedicated network which is used for practical courses, experiments and projects. It consists of a number of subnets and can be connected to the university network as well as disconnected for tasks concerning IT security or network-management.

Further equipment and infrastructure of our lab includes server systems for the realisation and examination of all important server types, such as mail, web, NFS or Samba. There are also various network components like routers, hubs, switches, wireless-lan components, bluetooth devices, etc., for the realisation and examination of a modern infrastructure. Additionally there is the opportunity to work with firewall systems to investigate security aspects or to borrow smartphones, tablets and other mobile computers for projects.

To our lab belongs also a webcam on the roof of the building. It shows the view of the Steinmüllergelände in Gummersbach. Further information and latest pictures can be found here.