Research topics

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Beside our teaching activities, the KTDS lab offers numerous projects concerning modern topics within IT security and computer networks. The following lists summarise some of our current focus areas.

Recent topics

  • IPv6 - Next Generation Internet

    How good are requirements (such as mobility, IT security, etc.) supported by IPv6? How can IPv6 networks efficiently be managed and monitored?
  • Virtualisation

    Within a virtual environment (e.g. cloud computing), how can security objectives (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity,..) be ensured?
  • Authentication systems

    Certificates, biometrics, etc.. What are quality characteristics? What is a suitable context?
  • Secure Internet-of-Things

    What are the threats that arise through connecting smart devices within a local area network or the internet? Which security measures should and can be taken? Is this possible without interfering with the functionality of such devices?

General topics

  • Network security

    addressing technical questions and challenges in managing and running
  • Internet access and firewall systems

  • Design and installation of large computer networks

    Set-up of web infrastructures
  • Wireless networks

    MANETs, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, IR, RFID, ...
  • Virtual Private Networks

    How do VPNs work? What are suitable application scenarios?
  • Intrusion Detection

    How can attacks or attack patterns (automatically) be detected?
  • IT security management

    Security analyses and concepts on a technical and organisational layer, security audits and risk management.
  • Service Level Management

    Quality-of-service, service management, ITIL. How can the quality of web services be specified, monitored and verified? ITIL compliant Service Management, Ende-zu-Ende-Service-Monitoring und -Reporting, Spezifikation von SLAs und OLAs

We also welcome ideas lying outside of the scope of this list. In order to elaborate such subjects, projects can be carried out or cooperations can be made.