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picture of the bookBente, S., Bombosch, U., Langade, S. (2012): Collaborative Enterprise Architecture – Enriching EA with Lean, Agile, and Enterprise 2.0 Practices. Burlington, USA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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Ever-changing business needs have prompted large companies to rethink their enterprise IT. These changes have a drastic effect not only on IT and business, but also on policies, processes, and people. Many companies therefore embark on enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. The role of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is to architect and supervise this transformational journey.

Unfortunately, today’s EA is often a ponderous and detached exercise, with most of the EA initiatives failing to create visible impact. The enterprises need an EA that is agile and responsive to business dynamics.

Collaborative Enterprise Architecture introduces Lean and Agile thinking and participation concepts into the traditional EA methods. It provides the innovative solutions today’s enterprises require, informed by real-world experiences and experts’ insights. A truly thought provoking and pragmatic guide to manage EA, this book effectively merges the long-term oriented top-down approach with pragmatic bottom-up thinking, in order to establish successful Enterprise Architecture.