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Samineh BagheriThe DAAD price of Cologne University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) goes this year to  Campus Gummersbach. The Iranian master student Samineh Bagheri from the Master programme "Automation & IT" is awarded with this price. My cordial congratulations!

More information on this year's DAAD price are found in the official press release of CUAS (in German). Mrs. Samineh Bagheri currently writes her master thesis in the context of my research project MONREP and she works in MONREP as a student research assistant as well.

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The 24th Workshop Computational Intelligence 2014, an annual conference held by Computational Intelligence (CI) Chapter of VDI-GMA (Gesellschaft für Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik) in Dortmund, has attributed the Young Author Award to Patrick Koch, PhD, scientific member of my research group at Campus Gummersbach. I am very happy for him and congratulate him cordially!

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Connect-4 Board

From August, 26th – 29th, 2014, the International Conference "Computational Intelligence in Games" (CIG'2014) will be held in Dortmund. We are happy that we could place a presentation there.

Together with master students Markus Thill, Samineh Bagheri and PostDoc Patrick Koch, I will present some work on Connect-4, the well-known board game. In 2012 we could for the first time construct an agent which learned to play the game nearly perfectly just from self-play. So far, however, learning was rather slow (1.5 millions of training games). Now we could develop with new methods (Online Learning Rate Adaption, Eligibility Traces) a new agent with learning time greatly reduced by a factor of more than 10 (115 000 training games).

The publication is available here ThillCIG2014