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The research group supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Konen from TH Köln has a collaboration with the Natural Computing group (head: Prof. Thomas H.W. Bäck) of the LIACS Computer Science department at Leiden University. On October,16th, 2015, a seminar took place in Leiden, Netherlands, in which both groups presented their recent research works.

The main topics of this seminar were:

  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Surrogate assisted global optimization
  • Modeling techniques (Radial Basis Functions, Kriging)

Our group gave three talks to present our recent progress in developing a software for constrained optimization problems, we also discussed the existing challenges for solving such a problem. All three talks are:

  •  S. Bagheri, W. Konen: A new repair method for constrained optimization.
  •  W. Konen, S. Bagheri: Common pitfalls in RBF modeling.
  •  S. Bagheri, W. Konen: Solving the G-problems in less than 500 iterations: Better understanding of surrogate modeling improves efficient constrained optimization.

Samineh Bagheri is PhD Student (at Leiden University), jointly supervised by Wolfgang Konen (TH Köln) and Thomas Bäck (Leiden University). The other three talks were given by Dr. Emmerich (Assistant Professor at Leiden University) , Hao Wang and Bas van Stein (PhD students at Leiden University):

  • M. Emmerich: From Data to Decisions: Recent Advances and Future Challenges in Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Making
  • H. Wang: Multi-point Efficient Global Optimization using Niching Evolution Strategy
  • B. van Stein: Cluster Kriging

Interesting talks, lively discussions, friendly atmosphere and an active and motivated research team made last Friday very productive.