Signature for FLI letter of concerned scientist to pause high-risk AI developments

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We all witness the tremendous impact that new AI systems like Chat-GPT or GPT4 can have. While these system show fantastic opportunities on the positive side, their power also poses a number of substantial safety risks. Influential scientist like Yoshua Bengio, Stuart Russell, Yuval Noah Harari have initiated this Future-of-Life-Institute open letter: Pause Giant AI…

Paper accepted by journal IEEE Transactions on Games

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We are happy to announce that our paper “AlphaZero-Inspired Game Learning: Faster Training by Using MCTS Only at Test Time” (preprint available here on arXiv) finally got accepted by the internationally well known journal IEEE Transactions on Games. It was quite some work to answer all the good questions of the reviewers, but it was… Inauguration on May, 3rd, 16:00

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We are happy to announce the inauguration event that takes place virtually on Monday, May, 3rd, 16-18. Our research group at TH Köln is part of the AI graduate college with a PhD tandem together with Ruhr University Bochum. Please see the attached PDF dataninja_inauguration_05_03 for all the details and the programme of…