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l.t.r. Prof. Andreas Stafylopatis, Samineh Bagheri, Prof. Stefanos Kollias from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (Image: Themis Zervou / NTUA)

It was a big and nice surprise for us at "IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence" (IEEE SSCI 2016), a conference held in Athens, Greece, from 6th to 9th of December, 2016: After presenting her recent research work related to online model selection for constrained optimization, Samineh Bagheri won the Best Student Paper Award for it. The paper was selected from over 400 contributions from international researchers presented at this conference. This means for us that the research work from TH Köln in this area is well perceived by the international community. 

The title of the paper is "Online Selection of Surrogate Models for Constrained Black-Box Optimization". More information about it as well as a link to the PDF can be found in this previous post.

27-year old Samineh Bagheri is scientific research staff member and PhD candidate at the Computer Science Institute of TH Köln. She had competent support during her work from the coauthors of the paper: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen from TH Köln and Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck from the renowned Leiden University, The Netherlands. Prof. Konen is at Campus Gummersbach  the co-initiator of the research centers CIOP (Computational Intelligence and Optimization) and CIplus (Computational Intelligence plus), he is as well advisor of her PhD thesis. Prof. Bäck, also advisor of her PhD thesis, is head of the “Natural Computing Research Group” at Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS). Samineh Bagheri does her PhD at Leiden University in a cooperation project with TH Köln.

Samineh Bagheri and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen (Image: Themis Zervou / NTUA)