SACOBRA (Self-adjusting Constrained Optimization By Radial Basis Functions) is a project which aims at solving constrained expensive problems with very few function evalutions. Such problems arise for example in car design and car manufacturing when complicated and time-consuming simulations have to check whether a new design fulfills all safety and stability constraints.

Our research uses surrogate modelling, mainly with the help of radial basis functions, but also with Kriging models, to allow optimization with very few function evaluations. Our real-valued and derivative-free optimizer takes special care to handle multiple constraints (equality or inequality) in parallel to the optimization goal.




SACOBRA is also a software package which is available for download here.

Application areas: optimization of wing profiles, crash simulations and weight optimization in automotive industries.


Project members

Fachhochschule Köln
© Schmülgen/TH Köln
Dr. Samineh Bagheri,
TH Köln
konen-3 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen,
TH Köln





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