Why should students be interested in CIOP? – With qualifications in Data Mining, Computational Intelligence or Machine Learning there are more occupational areas where you can choose from.


Example 1: An information provider is seeking new staff members for Analytical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to optimize his target customer profile by including data from a geographical information system (GIS). This will mostly include methods from Data Mining and Data Warehousing. If you have practical experience in building data mining models, e.g. from successful participation in DMC (Data-Mining-Cup), you are very likely to be the right candidate for such a job.

Example 2: A logistic company for liquid industry gas wants optimal service for its customers, which requires to satisfy different objectives at the same time. Planning the supply chain and processing the relevant data does not only require a good computer science professional but also a project leader, who is capable due to his/her background in computational intelligence to evaluate and judge the optimization methods being used.

You will find numerous further job offers with background in CI & DM for example at

We want to support you optimally in reaching this qualification aims and provide therefore various course elements dedicated to CI, DM and Machine Learning.

You will find an overview in Related Teaching