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This year the 28th Computational Intelligence workshop  took place on November, 29th-30th, in Dortmund. As every year, this two-day workshop was packed with many interesting talks and two gripping keynotes (deep learning and OpenML). The presentations and the keynotes had diverse topics including fuzzy control, surrogate-assisted optimization, modeling techniques, deep learning, interesting applications (e.g. gait recognition, driving lane recognition) and several other areas

of computational intelligence. You can find a list of talks here. This annual workshop provides a great opportunity for different researchers and PhD candidates to share their ideas and improve their work by exchanging feedback.

We presented our recent work "How to Solve the Dilemma of Margin-Based Equality Handling Methodsin this workshop and received some interesting questions and positive feedback. In this work we show the challenges in solving constrained optimization problems subject to equality constraints in an efficient manner. We proposed an approach to deal with such problems. Furthermore, we suggest reporting a Pareto set of solutions instead of only one solution for equality constrained problems. 

Samineh Bagheri who is doing her PhD at TH Köln, Campus Gummersbach, under the supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Konen, was awarded with the Young Author Award. This is the third time a PhD student from TH Köln wins this prize. 


            Frank Hoffmann (TU Dortmund), Samineh Bagheri (TH Köln), Andreas Kroll (Uni Kassel)