General Board Game Playing as Educational Tool

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GBG (General Board Game Playing & Learning) is an Open Source software framework developed at Technical University of Cologne. GBG aims to ease the entry for the students in Game learning research area which is a very interesting sub-field of artifical intelligence. Last year, two students finished their Bachelor theses successfully on the basis of the GBG under supervision of Prof.... Mehr »

27th GMA-FA 5.14 Workshop of "Computational Intelligence"

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The annual Computational Intelligence workshop in Dortmund is a great place for sharing new ideas and recent work done in computational-intelligence related topics. This year, the GMA workshop took place on 23-24 of November at the Dorint Hotel in Dortmund. Our team presented two papers in the fields of surrogate models and time series analysis. In total there... Mehr »

OC Digital Day at TH Köln

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  The OC Digital Day organiezed by TH Köln and Opitz Consulting group has taken place at TH Köln Campus Gummersbach last Sturday. Many talks and a few keynotes were presented in the field of digitalising (model-based optimization, Big Data, Oracle, Gamification, smart home, ...) by Opitz employees as well as TH Köln students. Our... Mehr »


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We had the chance to present our work in the field of online model selection for surrogate assisted multivariate optimization in the 15th workshop of quality improvment methods which was held in Dortmund and organized by the statistics faculty of TU Dortmund. You can read more about the quality improvemnet annual workshops here.

"Online Selection of Surrogate Models for Constrained Black-Box Optimization" to be presented at SSCI 2016

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We are delighted to announce that our recent research work related to online model selection for constrained optimization has been accepted for publication and it will be presented at SSCI 2016.  The SSCI 2016 conference will be held in Athens, Greece, from 6th to 9th of December, 2016. Many plenary and keynote talks are planned in the wide... Mehr »

"Equality Constraint Handling for Surrogate-Assisted Constrained Optimization" presented in WCCI 2016

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This year the bi-annual IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence WCCI was held in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. WCCI is one of the biggest world congress on Computational intellignce and this year the number of participants with about 1800 researchers broke all the time record. You can find more information about this congress here.   Our team had... Mehr »

SAMCO: Surrogate-Assisted Multi-Criteria Optimization

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SAMCO workshop took place from February 29, 2016 till March 4, 2016 at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, The Netherlands. In this workshop many researchers and PhD students who are active in the field of surrogate assisted multi criteria optimization were invited. Among the participants there were three PhD students (Martin Zaefferer, Martina Friese, Samineh Bagheri) from Cologne... Mehr »

Modeling and Optimization Seminar at Leiden University

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The research group supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Konen from TH Köln has a collaboration with the Natural Computing group (head: Prof. Thomas H.W. Bäck) of the LIACS Computer Science department at Leiden University. On October,16th, 2015, a seminar took place in Leiden, Netherlands, in which both groups presented their recent research works.

GECCO 2015 Conference, Madrid, Spain

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                This year GECCO took place in Madrid on 11-15 of July. Many interesting tutorials and workshops were presented in this conference. On 14th of July we presented our paper about a new repair method for constrained optimization. You can download the presentation slides from here.  

SACOBRA package now available on CRAN!

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                We are glad to inform you that SACOBRA package is now available on CRAN.  SACOBRA package performs surrogate-assisted optimization by utilizing radial basis function interpolation. SACOBRA solver is a derivative-free optimizer appropriate to address constrained expensive optimization problems.