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One of the slides of the presentation given by Henning Buhl during the Digital Xchange 2019 Conference

On Saturday, May, 25th, 2019, TH Köln hosted the annual Digital Xchange conference, which is organized as a cooperative work of Opitz Consulting and TH Köln, for the third time. This 1-day conference is becoming more and more popular: this year it attracted more than 800 participants.  More than 100 talks were given in the field of digitalization and its impact on industry. The topics had a large variety and covered many areas of digitalization including Big Data, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, etc. You can find a list of all talks here.

One of the very interesting talks at Digital Xchange which attracted a large group of audience was "Deep Learning mit Keras und TensorFlow" given by Henning Buhl. He is a Computer Science Bachelor student at TH Köln who also works part-time under supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Konen. His talk coverd a large range of themes from neural networks to machine learning and Python code examples. As part of his talk he gave a live demo on Google Colaboratory with Jupyter notebooks showing TensorFlow and Keras examples. These examples are available on GitHub for your own study if you like. You can find them here or here on GitHub.