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We are pleased to announce that we will present our research on explainable reinforcement learning at the 8th Annual Conference on machine Learning, Optimization and Data science (LOD).

Carthusian monastery in Pontignano Siena, Italy

Carthusian monastery in Pontignano Siena, Italy. Venue of LOD 2022

Starting with its first edition in 2015, the LOD is an established international and interdisciplinary forum for research and discussion of Deep Learning, Optimization, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. This year's 8th edition of the will be held online and onsite in Pontignano near Siena, Italy on September 18th - 22nd 2022.

Reading the conference's manifesto “The problem of understanding intelligence is said to be the greatest problem in science today and ‘the’ problem for this century” we find this prestigious conference to be the perfect place to present our work targeted at making deep reinforcement agents explainable.
We are very grateful for the opportunity to present our paper titled “Sample-based Rule Extraction for Explainable Reinforcement Learning”, which outlines the results of our ongoing research of inducing simple, transparent, human-readable rules from well-trained deep reinforcement learning agents. A link to the article will be added as soon as it is published. For those interested, early registration for the conference is available until Sunday July 31st, 2022.