TDMR 1.5 Available For Download Here

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Due to a major release change in SPOT, the newest package version SPOT 2.0 on CRAN is currently not compatible with TDMR 1.5 (and TDMR 1.4). Therefore TDMR is currently archived on CRAN. We are working on an update. For the time being: You can download TDMR 1.5 (and 1.4) together with the last compatible...

Young Author Award for Samineh Bagheri

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The 25th Workshop Computational Intelligence 2015, an annual conference held in Nov'2015 by the Computational Intelligence (CI) Chapter of VDI-GMA (Gesellschaft für Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik) in Dortmund, has attributed the Young Author Award to Samineh Bagheri, PhD, scientific member of the research group of Professor Konen at Campus Gummersbach. Congratulations!

New Technical Report on Temporal Difference Learning for Games

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A new technical report on temporal difference (TD) learning for games and "self-play" algorithms for game-agent training is available. This report by Wolfgang Konen features a gentle introduction to TD learning for game play and gives hints for the practioner on the implementation of such algorithms . It shows the references to the most recent...