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The 25th Workshop Computational Intelligence 2015, an annual conference held in Nov'2015 by the Computational Intelligence (CI) Chapter of VDI-GMA (Gesellschaft für Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik) in Dortmund, has attributed the Young Author Award to Samineh Bagheri, PhD, scientific member of the research group of Professor Konen at Campus Gummersbach. Congratulations!

She got this award for the contribution

SACOBRA: Self-Adjusting Constrained Black-Box Optimization with RBF

which she wrote as main author, conjointly with Wolfgang Konen, Dr. Patrick Koch, former member of Wolfgang Konen's research group, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck, Leiden University + divis intelligent solutions GmbH, and further colleagues from divis intelligent solutions GmbH. Samineh presented this work in a well-received talk.

The above snapshot shows the jurors and the Young Author Award winners 2015, from left to right: juror Frank Hoffmann, professor at TU Dortmund, M. Sc. Benjamin Schott, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), M. Sc. Samineh Bagheri, TH Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences), M. Sc. Sarah Uttendorf, IPH Hannover, juror Andreas Kroll, professor at University Kassel.

The Young Author Award is an annual price since the year 2000 and it is the for second time attributed to a member from Cologne University of Applied Sciences (after Patrick Kochs Young Author Award last year).


The research leading to this contribution took place in the context of the ZIM research project MONREP. The theme of this work is in the context of optimization problems in high dimensions with many constraints and how they can be solved efficiently, i. e. with a low number of function evaluations.  This has a very realistic application background: In automotive industry it is desirable to minimize the weight of a car, but at the same time the car body has to meet all safety requirements. Each car design has to be tested carefully in very time-consuming simulations. This is the reason why only a low number of simulations (= function evaluations) is possible. The car designs are of course company secrets, but an equivalent benchmark with name MOPTA08 was released by the automotive industry and is one of the topics of our research. More details can be read in the preprint of the CI-workshop contribution.

MONREP was initiated by Prof. Thomas Bäck (divis GmbH) and Prof. Wolfgang Konen (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) and has a duration of 2.5 years (2014-2016). Samineh Bagheri, M.Sc., works for MONREP as a PhD-researcher in part-time, the other part she works as teaching assistant.

More details on MONREP in Pressemitteilung MONREP (PDF) (sorry, in German only!) and on the MONREP project page in CIOP.