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Ms. Samineh Bagheri has won the 3rd prize in the annual Erzquell award with her master thesis „Efficient Surrogate Assisted Optimization for Constrained Black-Box Problems“. My most cordial congratulations to her!

This thesis is part of the MONREP project (Model-based Optimization for Nonlinear, REstricted Production processes) and it was conducted under my supervision. Samineh Bagheri did a great job in her thesis, she carried out complicated computer experiments and showed that certain constrained optimization problems can be solved with much less function evaluations than there are usually required in other state-of-the-art optimization algorithms like genetic or evolutionary algorithms. The main idea of her thesis is to use flexible models, which are built during the optimization run. Ms. Bagheri uses Radial Basis Function (RBF) models for that purpose.

Price Winner Erzquell

left to right: Markus Thill M.Sc., M. Bagheri, Samineh Bagheri M. Sc.,
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen                  (Bild: Manfred Stern / FH Köln)


Read more about the annual Erzquell award and the prize winners (sorry, in German only) here. The Erzquell award has the additional advantage that they serve at the award ceremony one of the famous local beers 🙂 !