Model-based Optimization for Nonlinear, REstricted Production processes

MONREP, funded by the German minister for economics (BMWi), is a ZIM project (central innovation SME) is conducted during the time span 2014-2015. Project partners are Cologne University of Applied Sciences, and  divis GmbH, Dortmundaeroelasticity-300x264

The research area is focused on finding optimization techniques which can efficiently address real-world expensive optimization problems.

Application areas: optimization of wing profiles, crash simulations and weight optimization in automotive industries.

For more information about MONREP in German please refer to this link.

Project members

Fachhochschule Köln
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Samineh Bagheri, TH Köln konen-3 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Konen, TH Köln
patrickPortrait Dr. Patrick Koch, TH Köln






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