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The research group supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Konen from TH Köln has a collaboration with the Natural Computing group (head: Prof. Thomas H.W. Bäck) of the LIACS Computer Science department at Leiden University. On October,16th, 2015, a seminar took place in Leiden, Netherlands, in which both groups presented their recent research works.

The main topics of this seminar were:

  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Surrogate assisted global optimization
  • Modeling techniques (Radial Basis Functions, Kriging)

Our group gave three talks to present our recent progress in developing a software for constrained optimization problems, we also discussed the existing challenges for solving such a problem. All three talks are listed as follows:

  •  S. Bagheri, W. Konen: A new repair method for constrained optimization.
  •  W. Konen, S. Bagheri: Common pitfalls in RBF modeling.
  •  S. Bagheri, W. Konen: Solving the G-problems in less than 500 iterations: Better understanding of surrogate modeling improves efficient constrained optimization.

The other three talks given by Dr. Emmerich (Assistant Professor at Leiden University) , Hao Wang and Bas van Stein (PhD students at Leiden University)  are as follows:

  • M. Emmerich: From Data to Decisions: Recent Advances and Future Challenges in Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Making
  • H. Wang: Multi-point Efficient Global Optimization using Niching Evolution Strategy
  • B. van Stein: Cluster Kriging

Interesting talks, lively discussions, friendly atmosphere and an active and motivated research team made last Friday very productive.