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  1. BI Vision – the perfect state of BI?
  2. BI Strategy – how to find the right way of doing
  3. Architecting BI – how digitalization impacts the architecture
  4. Bimodal IT – a new perspective for DWH/BI-infrastructure?
  5. BI without IT – The future of Self-Service BI ?
  6. Agile BI – more than a buzzword?
  7. DWH/BI-Industrialization
  8. Does Data Warehousing need standardization?
  9. Automation in Data Warehousing
  10. Sourcing and staffing models for BI and Data Warehousing
  11. BI in the Cloud
  12. Pros and Cons of pre-packaged BI solutions
  13. How to organize BI skills in enterprises – centralized or decentralized?
  14. 3NF – Data Vault – Anchor Modeling –how to decide about the data structure to apply on Data Warehouse modeling