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The Guided Projects‘ presentations of 3rd semester of the master program “ Informatik / Computer Science“ have been scheduled. Most of the presentations are public and everyone with interest is welcomed. Room: 2223

Fr 10. Juli 2015
GP-B7 10.30.-11.30 (engl.) Analysis and Optimization of 3D Models Generated from 3D Laser Scans (Stenzel)

Mo 13. Juli 2015
10.30-11.30 GP-A1 – (engl.) Knowledge Base for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Consulting (Westenberger)
11.30-12.30 A-Team-Reflection – (Gruttauer; presentation closed / non public)
16.00-17.00 GP-A2 – (german) Konzeption und Entwicklung sozioinformatischer Systeme / Genogramm-Software (Winter)

Fr 17. Juli 2015
10.30-12.00 GP-A9 (engl.) Web-Based Editor for Dynamically Definable EAM Metamodels (Bente)
12.00-12.30 GP-B5 – (german) Entwicklung einer Campus-Planer-App für iOS Systeme in SWIFT. (Kohls)
12.30-13.00 GP-B8 – (german) Entwicklung von 360o Multitouch-Anwendungen für große Table Tops (Kohls)