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Guest Lecture: Current Change of the “Business Intelligence-Landscape” Using the Example of SAP-HANA (held in English)

Speaker: Behnam Janghorban Esfahani (Sopra Steria Consulting)

Date: Monday, 5 December 2016, 12:30

Location: Technical University of Cologne, Campus Gummersbach, Room 2108

Abstract: Although the IT-supported information provision for decision-makers in companies (business intelligence) has become an established task at least in larger companies, the dedicated structures of data warehousing have become so complex that the short-time-to-market implementation of new capabilities (agility) has become difficult. In addition, the increasing digitalization of new data sources with interesting new possibilities also brings additional challenges to the existing structures (big data).

Behnam Janghorban Esfahani, a graduate of our program “Wirtschaftsinformatik”, explains in his lecture important current developments on the basis of his more than ten years of Business Intelligence-experience in various  companies. He discusses the role of SAP HANA with regard to growing complexity, required agility and big data needs.

Finally, he describes the perspective of professional BI-careers.

Listeners are welcomed.