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In the winter semester 2014 the series of Guided Projects in our program begins. There are projects of the different types A and B:
Type-A-projects are domain specifically supervised  and simultaneously coached with respect of team dynamics.  Process monitoring combines training and reflection components with practical experience and the expansion of the above learning outcomes / skills. It consists of three components:
(1) Introductory workshop to work in heterogeneous teams with the content: team definition and team types.
(2) Diagnosis and reflection on individual skills and team quality
(3) Accounting workshop  and lessons learned: The experiences of different teams are exchanged, reflected and crucial insights are highlighted.
Type-B-projects are only domain and subject-specifically supervised.

Most of the projects are held in English. Some projects are held in German.

The following catalogue shows examples of projects which are offered in the winter semester 2014. The project topics which are changed each semester depend on current research and on proposals which are developed in cooperation with industry.

Guided Projects held in English:
Type A (14 ECTS):

  • Architecture Driven Development of Reporting and Information Infrastructures (Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing)

Type B (8 ECTS)

  • Data Mining Case Study with Time Series Methods for HVAC systems
  • Development of a Multi-User-Multi-Touch System
  • Development of Crawler for Social Media Text Corpora
  • Definition of a generic catalogue of reporting requirements and key figures for the sales and customer relationship management within the insurance sector
  • Scheduler work medical shift worker
  • Email Analyzing Tool
  • Building an Analytic Application for Performance Comparison of Companies
  • Implementing and Customizing of Workflows in SAP ERP
  • Modeling, Simulation and Verification of Workflows with Petri Nets

Guided Projects held in German:
Type A (14 ECTS):

  • Verteilbarkeit, Performanz und Künstliche Intelligenz  in der funktionalen Programmierung mit Swift am Beispiel einer verteilten Web Server Architektur

Type B (8 ECTS)

  • Erarbeitung und Dokumentation eines Workflows zur Simulation von Strömungen mit Open Source Software
  • Auswertung einer Studie zu Investor Relations Portalen
  • Durchführung einer empirischen Untersuchung zum Management Information Design
  • Prozedurale Generierung virtueller Welten für Serious Games