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In-Memory Technology and SAP HANA in the Enterprise Architecture – the final countdown for Data Warehousing?

Abstract: Hasso Plattner a co-founder of SAP AG and co-worker in its strategic think tank claims that SAP’s in-memory, column-oriented database HANA  leads to a new vision: The combination of OLTP and OLAP data using modern hardware and database systems creates a single source of truth, enable real-time analytics and simplify applications and database structures.  Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes and pre‐computed aggregates and materialized views may become obsolete.

Will this sound the final round of separated analytic databases and brings a huge branch of computer science industry working in the ETL processes in danger?   Or is it nothing more than just another hype with additional buzzwords in computer science? In the Gartner Hype Cycle 2014 the topic In-Memory Databases is listed just behind the peak of inflated expectations.

Martin Peto from Stellwerk Consulting GmbH  will describe the evolution of enterprise applications and its affect on enterprise architectures in the past: stovepipe solution, internal integration and integrated ERP, B2B and external integration and finally the spin-off of separated databases for Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, CRM and SCM etc.. Currently time changes and re-integration is demanded.
Martin Peto will discuss whether new capabilities arise in the enterprise architecture by the combination of these building blocks. Will re-integration of operational and analytical databases be a successful guideline in future and make dedicated data warehouse systems dispensable?

All interested students and staff are welcome. The presentation is held in English.