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The term “information system” may be  interpreted as an information & communication technological system which supports operations, management and decision making.

This is one of its valid definitions but it differs from our point of view. In Europe, we often think of it in a broader sense. Here “information system” is often interpreted as the holistic system which is responsible to control an enterprise or an organization. And of course, enterprise control is impossible without humans’ brains. This means technology and human beings are part of it including interaction between people, processes, data and technology.  The information system plans and controls all value adding steps inside an enterprise and the exchange of items of value (goods, services, money etc.). The technology part of it which automates business administration functionality like bookkeeping is typically named as business application system or ERP system. It covers fields like finance, sales, distribution, production, human resource management, controlling, etc.. Therefore our master’s program is far away from deepening programming skills learned in a bachelor course.  Our master’s specialization follows this second view of the term information system.  We focus on the purpose to be an architect of this information system in its broader sense.

In principle, the control of machines or plants on a technological layer belongs to the information system but here it is beyond the scope of our master’s program. For these technological issues we offer another master program  at our faculty called Master of Automation and IT.