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Public lecture (held in German) on Wed, June 5, 2013, 10:00, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Campus Gummersbach, 51674 Gummersbach, Steinmüllerallee 1, Room 2224.
The focus of this presentation held by cimt AG (Cologne) are reviews from the consulting practice in the field of SAP software applications:
-Project cycle and release management of SAP systems: How is a SAP  system adapted to the business needs in practice?
-Interaction of the procurement processes with SAP FI (purchase to pay): standard processes in accounts payable and procurement, automatic account determination.
-Payment and banking: How are banking and payments managed in SAP systems?

The speakers are also available to discuss on prospects of computer scientists and engineers in the field of SAP software as well as internships and theses available.
Interested parties, ERP-beginners, but also SAP-advanced are welcome.