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Title: Wide Column Schema Design exemplified by Apache Cassandra

Referent: Philipp Langer (esentri)
Date: Tuesday, 30. Januar 2018, 11:00
Room: Technische Hochschule Köln, Campus Gummersbach, Raum 0405

Relational database management systems (RDBMS) have dominated the market for over 30 years. Yet, in recent times, there has been another trend: NoSQL systems. This presentation will give you a brief description about the term NoSQL, how to classify and choose between NoSQL systems and what they all usually have in common. Furthermore, the author will show a high-level description of a real-life use case that’s being solved by using Apache Cassandra as the primary data store. Because data modeling for NoSQL applications is usually different from relational data modeling, the last part is focusing on the Apache Cassandra data model. Differences between relational and wide column data modeling are shown as well as a best-practice approach for Cassandra data modeling.

This presentation is given as part of the DBS-1 classes (Bertelsmeier). All interested students and colleagues are cordially invited. The lecture is in English.