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Do Agile Methods and new Database Technology make Business Intelligence Architecture and Projects change?

Guest Lecture: Dr. Dierk Hahn (Capgemini)

Date: Tuesday, 30.May 2017, 15:15; Technische Hochschule Köln, Campus Gummersbach, Room 2224

Abstract: Requirements for agile projects and “Data Lakes” are currently changing the paradigm of Business Intelligence. New database techniques such as in-memory or Hadoop (“Big Data”) allow the on-the-fly usage of unprepared structured and unstructured for Data Insights: both historic reporting and prescriptive decision making. Dr. Dierk Hahn will describe in which way this paradigm shift will establish new BI capabilities and how it will change the architecture and projects of Business Intelligence systems.

10 years ago Dr. Dierk Hahn‘s interest in using data to create business value motivated him to switch from software development to the Business Intelligence area. He is convinced that BI has to meet agile requirements and that BI has to enter the area beyond reporting. Business needs predictions and insights from data faster than the competitors to achieve a competitive edge. Accordingly, the former Business Intelligence department of Capgemini has been renamed as „Insights and Data“.

Finally, he will provide an outlook on professional BI-careers for students.

Listeners are welcomed.