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A “Scientific Writing” course for the students of our graduate Master’a programs (all Computer Science and IT related programs) is offered. The course will give an introduction to


    defining scientific writing
    citing in English correctly
    reading and annotating documents
    corpus linguistics
    computer based tools
    describing research
    characteristics of scientific writing
    structure of a paper
    IT-related vocabulary and styling technical English

The course will be held in English
Part I 29th Sept -30th Sept 2016; 10:00-13:00

Part II 24th-25th Nov 2016 10:00-13:00 (room 2224). The part II can be joined without having taken part I

The course is free of charge and it is not part of the curriculum.  The course will help to improve the scientific level  as it is needed in various modules, Guided Projects and Master’s thesis.

Set up your application as soon as possible by registering here (and don’t forget to add  your mail address):

register here for part II: —>  doodle

The number of participants is limited. The course can be booked by first semester students as well as by students of advanced semesters.