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In the past CUAS has offered the SAP TERP10 certification course several times. In the meanwhile students’ interest in the course has decreased. Most of our students are working during their studies in companies. Additionally, our curriculum is tightly structured. It is hardly possible to fix three or better four weeks in which students are able to learn and prepare continuously for the TERP10 lectures and exam beside their regular studies. E-learnings may be an appropriate flexible alternative and a vision of tomorrow’s learnings. Therefore, I was curious whether openSAP MOOC courses can substitute classroom trainings and enable students to get specific solution knowledge. And it should be mentioned that openSAP MOOCs are free in contrast to common TERP10 courses.
Looking for the openSAP topics it is found that technological topics are playing a dominant role. Obviously, SAP has special interest to spread knowledge about their products and technologies like HANA and FIORI penetrating the market. Maybe it helps to offer open courses free of charges. I feel this to be legitimate as long as all stakeholders are in a win-win situation.
I enrolled “ABAP Development for SAP HANA“ together with more than 20.000 other learners. I have spent half a day weekly to listen to videos and prepare the weekly exams. Additionally, Amazon cloud services can be used to do practical exercises with HANA accompanying the MOOC. But these services are not free of charge and haven’t tried because for me it was sufficient to get an overview.
The announcements have been fulfilled. The marketing part is rather small and the course has enough substance to get a first overview about the basic concepts of ABAP programming on HANA. The workload is realistic to achieve the certification and to get an overview about the topic. And of course, we should not expect that a MOOC would substitute a hands-on training if ABAP programming on HANA has to be done in a professional environment.