<Data Science meets Simulation in Transport Optimization>


Problem Description

The ability to evaluate digital footprints of transportation movements of a large international logistics company to optimize resource usage and to steer processes can be a success factor, especially in a highly competitive market like the freight transport industry. Timely information about the resources, prediction of upcoming workload becomes an asset when a company is able to react in agile manner. If the German logistics industry misses the opportunities to exploit the potential of data sources for process optimization and control, it will fall behind.


Project Definition

The goal of this research project is to bridge the technology gap between available data and its use by analyzing the data preparation process and evaluating the methods needed to transform data into valuable information. Scenarios should be identified which outline how data utilization can help optimize warehouse handling processes and increase transportation efficiency, develop and evaluate prototypes accordingly. The proof of concept uses logistic simulation. Here, simulation should be applied to build up a sandbox for testing different strategies supported by data science methods. The interdisciplinary project is based on a cooperation with the master’s program „Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM)“ of the faculties F04 and F08 of our university.