The catalogue of modules that an applicant passed in the undergraduate studies has to be uploaded in the application process. This catalogue is needed for two reasons.

1.) An applicant will be admitted to the selection process only if he or she has completed sufficient credits in modules which are closely related to the fields of computer science, information science or data science.

2.) The selection process considers, among other things, the applicant’s degree of aptitude based on the match between the undergraduate study profile and the intended specialization in the master’s program.

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If an applicant has passed more than one university program he or she should consider the one which fits best with the intended specialization. The modules of this study should be entered in the Microsoft Excel template which can be downloaded here    ….. SelfReportV3

In the excel worksheet „FillOutTemplate“ the following data has to be entered:

a. Personal data

b. The name of the program, the corresponding university (country) and the total of credits.

c. The catalogue of all modules. For each module the name and the number of credits have to be listed.

If the transcript of the program does not cover credit points, but use another measure of student’s effort instead, this measure can be used in place of credit points. Check that the sum of the credits for all modules matches the total number of credits mentioned for the program.

After filling in the needed data save the worksheet in CSV format. This CSV file is required to be uploaded in the application process.


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