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In many German bachelor’s programs English lessons are not part of the curriculum. Although English literature is indispensable in under graduate computer science studies English is seldom used in live situations. Therefore, we offer an optional English refresher course.The aim of the course is to improve basic English skills so as to speak English fluently in presentations, teamwork and other professional situations.

The course takes place on the following days: 24th-26th Sept 2013 and 15th -17th Oct 2013.
Beginning of the course: Tuesday, 24th Sept  2013, 9:45  a.m.  (room 2223).

The course is free of charge and it is not mandatory. Participants are first-year students of our master’s programs held in English who need to revive their unsused English skills. Students of other programs may apply for remaining seats.

Set up your application (by email) til the 20th September 2013 to: west et
The number of participants is limited. Reservations are made in the order of registration.