The module Theoretische Informatik (Theoretical Computer Science) consists of two courses: Theoretische Informatik I und II (Theoretical Computer Science I & II).

TI I is held during the WS.

TI 2 during the SS.

A detailed description can be found in the HOPS system.

Topics covered are:

  • Sets, Relations, Graphs, Number Systems, Numerical Aspects, Coding and Information Theory
  • Logic and Boolean Algebra: Propositional Logic, Predicate Logic, Combinatorial and Sequential Circuits
  • Regular (Type-3) Grammars: Finite Automata, Regular Expressions, Type-3 Grammars, Syntaxdiagrams, Chomsky-Hierarchy
  • Modelling of sequential and parallel processes: Finite State Transducers, Petri-Nets, Cellular Automata
  • Context-free (Type-2) Grammars: Chomsky and Greibach Normal Form, Push-Down Automata, Parse- and Derivation Trees, Syntax of programming languages, Backus-Naur-Form
  • Context-sensitive (Type-1) and recursiv enumerable (Type-0) Grammars: Monotony, Normal Form, Turing Machine, Computability, Decidability, Complexity


All content is provided through the ILIAS course Theoretische Informatik 1 und 2 (Eisemann).

You can receive the password per e-mail request or during the lecture.


Available here.


For each module there is one one-hour exam.

For students of the old BPO3 (before winter term 2017/2018): There is one combi-exam for TI 1 and 2.